Claudia Vásquez Gómez | Visual Artist

«To Move». Chile, 2020.

Video performance made with various materials found on site. Duration, 4′ 35». Huerquehue National Park, Chile. 2020.

«Investigaciones en torno al viento: Tinquilco». Chile, 2020.

Intervention in the landscape and video. Measures, 100 square meters of taffeta fabric. Duration, variable. Lake Tinquilco, Pucón. Chile. 2020. Intervención en el paisaje y video. Medidas, 100 metros cuadrados de tela tafetán. Duración, variable. Lago Tinquilco, Pucón. Chile. 2020.

«Formato de texto». Chile, 2019.

Installation from the text «Continues to be a good business». PVC letters and copper slag. Measures, 4 meters high x 2.5 meters wide. Collective exhibition in «Materia Sensible». IF Blanco. Recoleta, Chile. 2019. Instalación a partir del texto “Continua siendo un buen negocio”. Letras de PVC y escoria de cobre. Medidas, 4 mts de alto […]

«Omisión». Italia, 2017.

Performance. Memetic action in front of sculpture of symbolic men of the Italian Renaissance. Size and duration, variable. Florence, Italy. 2017. Performance. Acción memética frente a escultura de hombres simbólicos del Renacimiento italiano. Medidas y duración, variables. Florencia, Italia. 2017.

«I miss you». E.E.U.U., 2016-2017.

Video Performance. Duration, 2′ 40». Chaco Canyon (New Mexico), Great Salt Lake (Utah) and Deming (New Mexico). United States of América. 2016 – 2017.

«El Paso». E.E.U.U., 2016-2017.

Video Performance made in different locations of police protection, regarding irregular migration. Duration, 5′ 42». Chiracahua Mountains (Arizona) and El Paso (Texas), United States of America. 2016-2017.

«Caer». E.E.U.U., 2016-2017.

Intervention in the landscape and video performance made with materials found in the place. Variable measures. Duration, 2 ́ 56 ́ ́. Gila National Forest, Mimbres River, New Mexico. United States of America. 2016 – 2017.

«Aeropuerto». E.E.U.U., 2016-2017.

Video performance made with materials found on site. The text tells the story of the artist’s childhood during the period of the civil-military dictatorship in Chile. Duration, 7′ 4». Twin Buttes, United States of America. 2016-2017.

«Milímetro a milímetro». E.E.U.U., 2016-2017.

Intervention in the landscape and video performance. Installation of the text: «MILLIMETER TO MILLIMETER». Sand line 60 meters long x 0.30 meters wide. Duration, variable. Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake, Utah. United States of America. Intervención en el paisaje y video performance. Instalación del texto: “MILIMETRO A MILIMETRO”. Línea de arena de  60 metros de […]

«Paisaje chileno». Chile, 2015.

Intervention based on the text: «I can’t stand it», a quote from a work by artist Jenny Holzer. Installation of 130 palmettes of natural grass. Average, 4.20 meters high x 32 meters long. Duration, 15 hours. National group exhibition «Ciudad H». Matucana 100 Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile. 2015. Work made in the context of the […]