Claudia Vásquez Gómez | Visual Artist

«Escritura en terreno III : Mercado Vega Central». Chile, 2021.

Urban intervention in the food market «Vega Central de Santiago». Development of interviews, systematization and installation of the text: “After God is the Vega”, made with polyethylene letters. Texts measuring 1.80 meters high x 60 meters long and 1.50 meters high x 80 meters long. Duration, 30 days. Santiago, Chile. 2022.

«Olvido». Chile, 2021-2022.

Intervention based on the text: «Sometimes I forget that I am here», installation of 150 palmettes of natural grass. Measurements, 2.30 meters high x 81 meters long. Duration, 120 days. Solo exhibition. Cerrillos National Center of Contemporary Art. Santiago, Chile. 2021-2022. Curator, Soledad Novoa Donoso. Intervención a partir del texto: “A veces olvido que estoy […]

«Every travel is a travel». Rusia, 2021.

EVERY TRAVEL IS A TRAVEL. Video recording of the trans-Siberian train route between St. Petersburg – Moscow – Omsk – Moscow. Duration 4′ 9». International collective exhibition on line. Ars Electronica x art. Domains. Linz, Austria. Edited in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Santiago, Chile. Curated by Ars Electronica x art. Domains. EVERY TRAVEL […]

«O sopro do mundo espalhando seus azuis». Brasil, 2021.

Together with the artist Ana Teixeira. Intervention from the text: «E tarde mais ainda temos tempos» (It’s late even more we have time». Sao Paulo y MuBE, Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2021. Junto a la artista Ana Teixeira. Intervención a partir del texto: “E tarde mais ainda temos tempos” (Es […]

«Tiempo». E.E.U.U., 2016-2021.

Video performance. White Sands National Park (Nuevo Mexico, E.E.U.U.). Duración 3´ 5´´. Exhibición colectiva internacional on line “60 Days Lockdown”. Luxelakes • A4 Art Museum. Chengdu, China. 2020. Editado en el contexto de la pandemia COVID-19. Santiago, Chile.  Curadora, Cai Liyuan.  Video performance. White Sands National Park (Nuevo Mexico, E.E.U.U.). Duración 3´ 5´´. Exhibición colectiva […]

«El Plan. 08.20». Chile, 2020.

Intervention in the urban space and video. The sound emission corresponds to the shout «Traitor”, made by a member of Carabineros de Chile, at the moment that the General Director of the «General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Carabineros de Chile School» was giving a speech in an institutional ceremony transmitted live by several media. Duration, […]

«To Move». Chile, 2020.

Video performance made with various materials found on site. Duration, 4′ 35». Huerquehue National Park, Chile. 2020.

«Investigaciones en torno al viento: Tinquilco». Chile, 2020.

Intervention in the landscape and video. Measures, 100 square meters of taffeta fabric. Duration, variable. Lake Tinquilco, Pucón. Chile. 2020. Intervención en el paisaje y video. Medidas, 100 metros cuadrados de tela tafetán. Duración, variable. Lago Tinquilco, Pucón. Chile. 2020.