Claudia Vásquez Gómez | Visual Artist

“Camino a Montegrande, a propósito de Francisco Varela”. Chile, 2024.

Intervención land art, urban art y coloquio. Since 2006 the artist has developed several creative pieces which have been nourished by the research of Francisco Valera G. (chilean neurobiologist, philosopher and Buddhist meditator. 1946-2001). Specifically, the notions of impermanence, memory and experience have been decisive for the material, conceptual and contextual development of his work. […]

«De corpo presente». Alemania, 2022.

«DE CORPO PRESENTE». Alemania. 2022. Collaborative performance in partnership with Ana Teixeira (Brasil). Intervention from the text: «E tarde mais ainda temos tempo» (It’s late even more we have time». Cologne, Germany. 2022. «It is the articulation of some dimensions and sensations of time, giving visibility to the possibility of acting on something that demands […]

«Escritura en terreno III : Mercado Vega Central». Chile, 2022.

Urban intervention in the food market «Vega Central de Santiago». Development of interviews, systematization and installation of the text: “After God is the Vega”, made with polyethylene letters. Texts measuring 1.80 meters high x 80 meters long and 1.50 meters high x 60 meters long. Duration, 30 days. Santiago, Chile. 2022.

«Olvido». Chile, 2021-2022.

Intervention based on the text: «Sometimes I forget that I am here», installation of 150 palmettes of natural grass. Measurements, 2.30 meters high x 81 meters long. Duration, 120 days. Solo exhibition. Cerrillos National Center of Contemporary Art. Santiago, Chile. 2021-2022. Curator, Soledad Novoa Donoso. Intervención a partir del texto: “A veces olvido que estoy […]

«Every travel is a travel». Rusia / Chile, 2021.

EVERY TRAVEL IS A TRAVEL. Video recording of the trans-Siberian train route between St. Petersburg – Moscow – Omsk – Moscow. Duration 4′ 9». International collective exhibition on line. Ars Electronica x art. Domains. Linz, Austria. Edited in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Santiago, Chile. Curated by Ars Electronica x art. Domains. EVERY TRAVEL […]

«DE CORPO PRESENTE». Brasil, 2021.

Performance in collaboration with the artist Ana Teixeira (Brazil), in the exhibition «For a breath of fury and hope: A declaration of climate emergency», curated by Galciani Neves and Natalie Unterstell.MuBE – Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology. Sao Paulo. Brazil. 2021. Performance en colaboración con la artista Ana Teixeira (Brasil), en la exposición «Por […]

«Tiempo». Chengdu, China.

Video performance. White Sands National Park (Nuevo Mexico, E.E.U.U.). Duración 3´ 5´´. Exhibición colectiva internacional on line “60 Days Lockdown”. Luxelakes • A4 Art Museum. Chengdu, China. 2020. Editado en el contexto de la pandemia COVID-19. Santiago, Chile.  Curadora, Cai Liyuan.  Video performance. White Sands National Park (Nuevo Mexico, E.E.U.U.). Duración 3´ 5´´. Exhibición colectiva […]

«El Plan. 08.20». Chile, 2020.

Intervention in the urban space and video. The sound emission corresponds to the shout «Traitor”, made by a member of Carabineros de Chile, at the moment that the General Director of the «General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Carabineros de Chile School» was giving a speech in an institutional ceremony transmitted live by several media. Duration, […]